SIMO PMICs Meet Hearable Design Challenges

SIMO PMICs Meet Hearable Design Challenges

As devices like hearables and wearables become smaller and less invasive, designing them also comes with greater challenges. More product features must be integrated into increasingly tinier form factors.

An upcoming webinar at 4pm BST/8am PDT on Tuesday, April 10, explains how power converters with a single-inductor multiple-output (SIMO) architecture can help address these challenges. Register now for the webinar, "New SIMO Architecture Offers Smallest Form Factor, Ultra-Low Standby Power and High System Efficiency for Hearables," to gain a better understanding of how SIMO technology provides the efficiency advantages of switching DC-DC regulators with nearly the form factor of LDOs.

The webinar, hosted by Mobile World Live, will be hosted by Gaurav Mital, a power architect at Maxim. He’ll discuss how the MAX77650 and MAX77651 tiny, low-power PMICs with SIMO technology reduce power dissipation and overall component count while providing the same functionality as traditional solutions in less than half the space.

Designing earbuds and other hearables and wearables is particularly challenging given their small form factor. SIMO PMICs can help.

Smart glasses are just one example of the tiny, ultra-low-power designs that can benefit from SIMO technology.