As a student, you may remember picking out an outfit for picture day and practicing your camera-ready smile in the mirror. Now that school is back in session for students all over the world, it's time to start preparing for EngineerZone's first "picture day" contest.

More information will be provided on the "picture day" contest rules in the next month, so we have some time to help get you ready to put your best face forward!

EZ Tip of the Month Pen ballpoint️ ️

This month, we are going to help you freshen up your profile by uploading a picture of yourself. As discussed in last month's EZ top ten blog, a picture can speak volumes and also help get your message across. 

Do you know how to change your avatar image? In EngineerZone, you can upload your headshot or you can choose from a list of already available avatars. When you are logged in as a member, you can upload your avatar by clicking on the avatar image on the top right of the page, and selecting "Profile."

Click the "Edit Profile" button on the bottom right of your profile page.

Once you are in edit mode, click on "Change."

From there, you can either Upload your headshot or click Select to choose from our list of already available avatars. 

If you're not comfortable sharing a headshot of yourself, try uploading a unique image of your choosing that best represents who you are. Not feeling creative? Don't worry, we have over 50 unique avatars to choose from. The possibilities are (almost) endless! Select your favorite avatar image and then click Save.

What's New?

Last month's blog, "Cooking or an Actual Fire?" about the #CN0537 Reference Design system attracted a great deal of well-deserved attention. 

It's worth noting that 's recent social share is bringing a lot of awareness to the recent blog post. Robin's LinkedIn post below acknowledges the hard work and dedication of team members  and  for their persistence in finding a solution to the nuisance alarms that affects a large population of people. Read more about the impact of this product and how the team members involved are making this idea a reality.

You can like, comment, and share directly on this LinkedIn post.

Top 5 Forums

Our most active groups by activity:

  1. Power By Linear 
  2. RF and Microwave 
  3. Amplifiers
  4. Precision ADCs 
  5. Linux Software Drivers

You may have spotted  providing solutions on the Linux Software Drivers group, which is recently garnering a lot of views.

Top 5 Solutions

These recent solutions were among the top viewed last month:

  1. Communicating to the ADF4356
  2. ADRV9026 adi_adrv9025_CpuStartStatusCheck show "ldo configuaration error"
  3. S-Parameter to LTspice
  4. ADIsimFrequencyPlanner
  5. How to install HoRNDIS on Mac Catalina 10.15?

Upcoming Webinars

 10/7/21 - Unified Communications Platform for Next Gen Conferencing products

You can ask a question about the next gen conferencing products directly on the webinar page. This webcast will provide an overview of ADI's latest Unified communication platform targeted for audio conferencing, UC platform combines speech processing algorithms, PC based tuning tools, and Dante/A2B connectivity technologies. Also, worth mentioning that our Speech Processing Solutions forum is another place to check out to get answers to your toughest questions about audio.

Stay tuned for more information about how you can participate in the EZ "picture day" contest. As always, please make sure that you're subscribed to the EngineerZone Spotlight blog, so that you don't miss the latest blog post and updates.