RF Transceivers Provide Breakthrough SWaP Solutions for Aerospace and Defense

Historically, the Superheterodyne receiver has been the go-to system architecture for many aerospace and defense wireless radio applications where high performance is of the utmost importance. However, the Superhet is costly in terms of design time, components cost, and SWaP (size, weight, and power), leaving many system designers looking for alternative radio architectures such as the Direct Conversion architecture. As aerospace and defense system designers continue to work towards reducing the SWaP of their wireless radio systems, they continue to discover and take advantage of ADI’s integrated transceiver technology as a means to do so.

The AD9361 integrated transceiver has already made a significant impact in many military radio systems where low power is key, and now with the release of the higher performance/bandwidth AD9371, ADI’s transceiver technology is being designed into all types of aerospace and defense applications- from portable soldier radios to high performance radar systems. Wyatt Taylor and I discuss this trend in our paper “RF Transceivers Provide Breakthrough SWaP Solutions for Aerospace and Defense”, which you can read in this month's issue of Analog Dialogue.