Watching Embedded OS Summit on the computer screen

Packing My ADI Suitcase for #EmbeddedOSSummit

It’s not just a lucky accident that the Linux Foundation has combined multiple events all under one roof in Seattle, Washington from April 16-18. Why am I excited? It’s because it’s an amazing collection of events such as Embedded Open Source Summit, Zephyr Project Developer Summit, Open Source Summit, Open Source 101, and more microconferences than you can count. It’s time to pack your I Heart Open Source shirt and get ready!  

Ready to Learn & Livestream

If you want to learn how to enable real-time secure connectivity to the industrial edge with single-pair ethernet and Zephyr, then you need to add this session to your agenda. It's Tuesday, April 16th at 10am PDT with ADI’s software systems engineer Jason Murphy. Not at the event? No worries! All keynote and breakout sessions at Embedded Open Source Summit will be live streamed directly on the Linux Foundation YouTube channel during the event.

Ready to Get Hands-On | Booth E15  

What have we been up to? We can show you in two hands-on demos:  

  • Dig into the details and see how ADI software is enabling rapid development of secure, real-time, Ethernet-connected industrial edge devices with Zephyr’s software ecosystem. 
  • Are you looking for a single hardware interface for training or developing? What if you can see one in action that is low-cost, scalable, and user-friendly – that’s right, booth E15 is where it’s at. Dig into our ADI framework (a Linux kernel GMSL serializer/deserializer V4L2) makes the platform compatible with all the standard V4L2 user-space applications. 

It’s not just about us – we want to know what you’ve been working on and what problems you are trying to solve. Let’s explore opportunities together.  

Ready to Win  

Yes, yes – I know you don’t go to an event just to win a prize – but isn’t it a little more fun if you do win? Come see us in booth E15, answer a few questions, and be entered to win an Ember mug. See you in Seattle!