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Open Source I3C Controller at FPGA Europe

Every year embedded systems developers get together to learn from each other and to explore the latest innovations at the Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Conference Europe. It’s a key event to share knowledge, connect with the community, and to find ways to solve problems together.  

ADI Open-Source Stack  

New this year you can meet Jorge Marques (ADI Digital Design Engineer) on-site during his session. What is he looking forward to most?  “I'm looking forward to meeting other people in the industry, discussing partnerships, and understanding where the industry is going. We provide reference designs on top of AMD Xilinx, Altera and Lattice FPGAs, it will be exciting to connect with them and to learn how they are using the designs and what they are working on – and how we can collaborate.”  

If you are looking to learn about the features and characteristics of the I3C interface, the key points to implement it on a FPGA, and how the IP Core is integrated with the Linux Kernel then add this session to your agenda.  

ADI at FPGA Europe  

Join us on Wednesday, July 3rd from 12:05 - 12:45pm (local time) at the FPGA Conference EU for a session on ADI’s open source I3C controller targeting FPGAs and get answers to your questions! The presentation will provide a complete overview of a Linux Kernel-compatible controller, from the IP itself up to the user space leveraging the Linux IIO subsystem. 

It revolves around the I3C interface, a royalty-free and backwards compatible with the I²C protocol, with nice features like in-band interrupts and dynamic addresses. The challenges of developing the HDL and its Linux Kernel driver will be discussed, and no prior knowledge of the I3C interface is required, the key points of the specification will be provided during the talk. If you are interested in understanding all the steps necessary to have a Linux-compatible FPGA IP core, this session is for you!  

If you are unable to attend, you’ll be able to access the content from the session here.