October 2021: EngineerZone's Top Topics

October 2021: EngineerZone's Top Topics

In last month's EZ top topics blog, we teased about the "picture day" contest that's coming up in just a few short weeks. While you're selecting your favorite headshot to upload, note that you can also update your Biography and About Me section, so other members can get to know a little bit about you.

Adding your hobbies and expertise is one way to stand out from the crowd and express your originality. By adding to your About Me section, you can better represent who you are. When you share your hobbies and expertise on your profile, you can open yourself up to opportunities to connect with other members with similar interests.

Under your About Me section, click on Interests and start typing in your Hobbies and Expertise.


Remember, your profile is one of the first things that other members will see. Take time to fill it in, and ensure your profile reflects who you are. We'll get into why sharing your expertise is important next...

EZ Tip of the Month Pen ballpoint️ ️

Did you know you can search members by their expertise? 

If you're looking for a member with specific expertise or skills, you can go to Browse > All Members and type a specific area of interest or skill. Try "PCB" or "PCB layout" as the example shows below. 

Immediately, you may find members with this specific area of expertise. You can click on their profile name to follow them, see what other hobbies or expertise they have, and view their recent activity to see what they have contributed. You may find that they have similar questions as you and you can get a glimpse of what kind of projects they are working on. 

What's New?

That's a wrap from our Encryption blog series. The first blog in the Encryption series, Encryption: What Is It and How Does it Work? received the most amount of views.

Stay tuned for more security solutions blogs about data integrity in the coming months. 

Are you participating in the InnovateFPGA contest? Share your project with us for a chance to be featured on ADI's social channels! The blog post here shares all of the information you need to get started.

Top 5 Forums

Our most active groups by activity:

  1. Power by Linear
  2. Amplifiers
  3. Precision ADCs
  4. RF and Microwave
  5. Linux Software Drivers

Top 5 Solutions

These recent solutions were among the top viewed last month:

  1. Having trouble downloading LTspice? Try a few of Anne's suggestions here
  2. Audio fans want to know, what's the difference between PDM and i2s Digital Microphones?
  3. In the middle of a communication system project? Find the solution to using a square wave output using fmcdaq2
  4. The solution to calibrating AD5933 with Arduino
  5. EVAL-ADAQ400X HDL low sampling rate. Sergiu answers the question and provides a resource

Recent Webinars

 10/28/2021 Simulated Phased Array Beam Stabilization Demo 

Upcoming Webinars

 11/4/2021 Intelligent Motion Control in Smart Manufacturing

Next week's blog will share more details about how you can participate in the EZ "picture day" contest. As always, please make sure that you're subscribed to the EngineerZone Spotlight blog, so that you don't miss the latest blog post and updates.