Post-Thanksgiving we're grateful for our members and forum managers for providing quality solutions to your toughest challenges. So far in 2021, we saw the biggest spike in membership and an increase in member engagement compared to the previous year.

Ahead of the holidays, we're going to be gifted with a couple of new updates within EngineerZone. Grab a warm cup of coffee or tea and read on to stay up-to-date on what is happening in EngineerZone. 

What New Updates Can We Expect mid-December?

Top 5 Forums

  1. Power by Linear 
  2. RF and Microwave 
  3. Linux Software Drivers
  4. FPGA Reference Designs
  5. Precision ADCs

Top 5 Solutions

These recent solutions were among the top viewed last month. In November, there were over 450 solutions provided. Here are a couple of recent solutions that are gaining views:

  1. Configuring the ADRV9002 in Custom Board
  2. ADRV9002 Profile
  3. AD2S1210 DOS Questions
  4. ADRV9002 ZCU102 FPGA Reference Design Support
  5. ADM3051 Protection Circuit

Questions about the ADRV9002 RF transceivers are drawing in views in the FPGA Reference Designs.

Recent Webinars

 11/30/2021 MEMS IMUs in Autonomous Vehicle Navigation

Upcoming Webinars

 12/9/21 USB 2.0 High Speed Operation

Join Dr. Conal Watterson for an engaging webinar about Compact USB Port isolators and the ADuM4166 family of products that ADI has to offer.

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