Proposed, New Analog Devices Data Sheets

Proposed, New Analog Devices Data Sheets

Shortly after Analog Devices acquired Maxim Integrated, documentation teams from both companies worked together to integrate technical documents into unified templates. Consistency in documentation leads to a better customer experience and enables automation which increases document throughput.

We've made some layout changes, enhanced the size of tables and images, and added standard 11 point Arial Narrow font. We believe that these changes enhance the usability and readability of our documents.

As a user/viewer of our data sheets, we want to hear from you. Click this link to see a draft data sheet. If you like what you see, then click the Like button in the upper right hand corner. Return here to give your star rating below!

Thank you for taking part in this short, but important survey.

  • I prefer the two column format as well. With just one column, the pictures get either too large or too small. 

  • Block diagram crucial, like already mentioned.
    Simplified application diagram on first page is an eye catcher and should be larger to be more present.
    Less prose writing on the first page, not useful to repeat features.
    2 columns in text parts would offer better readability.

  • I would love to see larger/better text sections to explain the device functionality. Even with this simple isolator I see values in need of explanation. TI does a much better job in the datasheets, while we tend to information hiding.

  • The single column format looks more conventional but it will help with formulas that often wrapped to the next line in the previous template. Is there a plan to enumerate formulas?

    I missed the bookmark panel in the PDF file. I think this is more convenient than clicking in the TOC.

    I support the request to make the TPCs larger, even if they look rectangular.

    Will there be a section for related products or companion products?

  • Need better package outlines/dimensions.

    Should have live links to design files like IBIS etc

    Since many viewers use these online or as a stored file, please feel free to add colors to timing/circuit diagrams to highlight important specs or clarify things. Data sheets don't need to be in black and white (and blue) anymore.

    Please add thermal design info where applicable.

    Please add live links to any Figure, Table or external spec called out in a data sheet.(like ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 called out on pg 13 in the sample)