Shortly after Analog Devices acquired Maxim Integrated, documentation teams from both companies worked together to integrate technical documents into unified templates. Consistency in documentation leads to a better customer experience and enables automation which increases document throughput.

We've made some layout changes, enhanced the size of tables and images, and added standard 11 point Arial Narrow font. We believe that these changes enhance the usability and readability of our documents.

As a user/viewer of our data sheets, we want to hear from you. Click this link to see a draft data sheet. If you like what you see, then click the Like button in the upper right hand corner. Return here to give your star rating below!

Thank you for taking part in this short, but important survey.

  • ADXL367
    In order to do an exact pcb layout, the datasheet lacks some dimentions.

    • Agree with the comments about a block diagram and two columns for text in Theory of operation.
    • The watermark should be bigger and on a diagonal - less chance of being able to photocopy a section without a part of the Watermerl showing.
    • Is there a limit to the number of subheadings?
    • What would the register description section look like and where would it go?
  • It's great that you are unifying datasheets, but do you have the old data sheets since many are missing a ton of information,  For example, ADBMS6817 is missing everything.  It's the part I'm looking to integrate into a product and I can move forward since I don't even have a pinout, block diagram, electrical specs, etc.

  • Like: * Package outline drawings included in every data sheet, Dislike: The bullet list at the first page. the sub bullet should be different as a triangle. 

  • The DS looks good, and I think it would get better to add the following.

    - To put the package info/size on the top page.

    - The borders on the EC table/pin assigment are good to easily read.

    - URL on recommended footpattern.

    - A few example typical application with the component values.

    - Revision history.

    - I like the TOC figures 3 x 3 basically, not 3 x 2.

    - I believe it is easy to read by two columns on applition Info.