Mil/Aero Design: Ruggedized Plastic, Leaded Parts, Temp Ranges

Mil/Aero Design: Ruggedized Plastic, Leaded Parts, Temp Ranges

Designing military- and aerospace-grade products involves meeting stringent standards that support extended operation in harsh environments. As a Class M supplier for the military/aerospace industry, Maxim offers robust ICs, fabricated at U.S. facilities, that are tested to comply with the exacting requirements of these sectors. 

In this blog post, I’d like to highlight several programs that not only help you address some specific needs, but can also save you some time and money along the way.

Obsolescence Mitigation

Military and aerospace designs, as well as application areas such as medical and industrial, have long program lives. We understand that when a part has been obsoleted, it’s not practical to redesign your product. Our Obsolescence Mitigation (OM) Program ensures that you’ll have a future supply of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) parts for specific long-term programs. Through the program, we will store the necessary wafers to support the life of the design and make them available when needed as long as we have the capabilities to produce the part. 

Military- and aerospace-grade designs, such as airplanes, require robust ICs that can withstand harsh operating environments.

Ruggedized Plastic Parts

Ruggedized products have been burned-in and tested to military specifications. Typically, they come in hermetic packages. While not all military/aerospace applications require the cost of a full hermetic seal, some do need high-reliability processing. Our Ruggedized Plastic Parts Program meets these requirements, shipping with a Certificate of Compliance just like full military spec hermetic devices do. These can apply to virtually any Maxim plastic parts. Each of these parts undergoes a characterization process to ensure that they meet military-grade temperature ranges and can include 100% burn-in testing and 100% tri-temperature testing if needed. 

Lead-Finish Program

Through our Lead-Finish Program, we take lead-free parts and refinish them into leaded (SnPb) products. Minimum order requirements are in line with your needs, so you don’t have to purchase an entire wafer’s worth of units. The program applies to virtually any Maxim COTS plastic part. The major benefit here is that the Maxim warranty fully applies to these devices.

Burn-In and Testing

We perform tri-temperature testing (room temperature, hot, and cold) with 120 hours of operation before shipping out our parts. Our parts cover a wide range of temperatures, from full military to industrial. 

To learn more about our military- and aerospace-grade parts, browse our tree of MIL-STD-883B parts