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Meet the Person Behind the Quizzes

Do you love quizzes? I bet you do! Okay, maybe you’re thinking about the quizzes that made you feel anxious and gave you bad grades, and late-night study sessions in college. That said, I’m not talking about those quizzes but the fun challenging ones. You may have come across them and even attempted to solve them on EngineerZone’s  Logic Lounge. 

I'm glad I have your attention because you're in for a treat. Meet the person behind the quizzes and learn more about his what, why, and how.

The Face Behind the Quizzes

So, who is behind creating these quizzes? You guessed it…meet Kuo-Chang (pronounced k-OO-oh CH-ae-NG)!  He graduated from the University of Louvain, in Belgium and his journey as an electrical engineer began in 1981. In college, he had his own lab at home and experimented with chemistry, microscopy, astronomy, and electronics. He has a passion for the sciences and finds that being an electronic engineer is a “perfect” way to combine his work and his passions.

To learn more about his engineering journey and what he enjoys most, watch this short video clip.

The History

The quizzes were created between 2015 and 2016 at Legacy Maxim during technical seminars such as Maxim Masters, workshops, presentations, and social events. Kuo-Chang, started by gathering a stock of questions from various domains like physics, math, geometry, and electronics.  He initially posted the quizzes via emails to select employees and then extended them to partners. He posted them on social media like LinkedIn and Facebook. And so began the role of a moderator interacting with participants, and with time he noticed that some of the participants were competitors and some of his quizzes reached several thousand views.

"How long has he been creating quizzes and what type of quizzes?" Watch the video clip to find out more.

The How

Kuo-Chang uses various sources like books, tech magazines, the internet, and shared ideas from participants to create his quizzes. On some occasions through opposing arguments, he formulates a quiz! He confesses that he loves to “excite people’s brains" but his main purpose is to find interesting topics that can be both funny and challenging. One thing he does constantly is to replenish his stock of quizzes by adding diverse topics.

To hear more, I asked Kuo-Chang: "What is the challenging part about putting your quizzes together?" He shared his answer in the short video clip.

The Takeaway

You’ll love his quizzes. Why? They are amusing and aim to help you relax with the promise to distract you from your day-to-day problem-solving tasks which honestly can get a little monotonous. Kuo-Chang’s purpose is to help folks relax because “engineers and non-engineers are intensively busy with their daily work, addressing various concerns” and dealing with difficult issues. The quizzes are a way to "decompress".

I wanted to learn more because it piqued my curiosity. I asked Kuo-Chang: “What would you like folks to learn or take away from your quizzes?” You can find his answer in the short video clip.

The Three Important Tips

If you are considering creating your own quizzes what would be some important tips to know? I'm glad you asked. In the interview session, Kuo-Chang shared 3 important tips:

  1. Alternate your topics - switch between pure math, logic, geometry, electronics, mechanics, and so on.
  2. Keep your quizzes short – longer quizzes discourage participants.
  3. Expand the level of your quizzes - if you want to target a broad audience.

To learn more you can watch the video clip below

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