Meet Maxim at CES 2018

Meet Maxim at CES 2018

Self-driving cars, digital health, and smart cities are among the hot topics at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas. Organized by the Consumer Technology Association, the show is expected to draw more than 3,900 exhibiting companies and more than 170,000 attendees from 150 countries. For Maxim, CES represents an opportunity to meet with our customers to discuss their design challenges and highlight new technologies that can address them.

Our private meeting rooms at the show will be focused on three key themes: automotive, mobile audio, and healthcare technologies.

Design a Safer, Smarter Car

With all of their electronic components and built-in intelligence, vehicles are like computers on wheels. Capabilities provided by advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and infotainment applications are creating safer and more engaging rides. Maxim offers a broad portfolio of automotive technologies to help you design safer, smarter cars.

In our Automotive Room, we will demonstrate:

  • Next-generation Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link SerDes technology
  • Remote tuner architecture
  • Battery management system for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Automotive exterior LED lighting
  • Automotive-grade USB
  • IR gesture and display
  • Power management (integrated FET)
  • Power management (sensor fusion protector)

Create Louder, Richer Sound

While mobile devices are small and portable, they’re still expected to deliver great audio quality. Maxim's Dynamic Speaker Management (DSMTm) technology overcomes the challenges of designing micro speakers, helping you create a louder and richer sound experience.

In our Mobility Room, we will demonstrate our DSM technology for application areas such as gaming, virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR), and mobile devices such as laptops.

Whether you’re designing wireless speakers or adding audio to a mobile device, the right speaker management technology can make a difference between so-so and amazing sound quality.

Enable a Healthier World

As sensors get smaller, more intelligent, and more affordable, they’re being integrated into a wider variety of products. Many of these products are in the healthcare sector. Think wrist-based devices and patches that measure various health parameters. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

In our Healthcare Room, we will demonstrate a variety of technologies that enable a healthier world:

  • Wearable power management ICs for medical and fitness applications
  • Heart-rate monitor sensors for wearables
  • Blood pressure trending for smartphones
  • Health Sensor Platform for wearables

Get more details about CES and also request a meeting with us at the show by visiting our CES page.