Maxim Interns Gain Real-World Experience

Maxim Interns Gain Real-World Experience

Summertime and the living’s easy…And productive, especially for Maxim’s interns. From validating new ICs and reference designs to performing operating system upgrades and doing market analysis, students got a glimpse of life after college through the company’s internship program. The interns worked alongside the company’s employees on projects that complemented what they’ve been learning about in lecture halls and labs. Last week, about 40 of them showcased their work at Maxim’s San Jose headquarters.

Learn more about Maxim’s internships and other job opportunities from the company’s Careers page. Meantime, let’s meet a few of the interns and take a peek at how they spent their summer vacation.

Validating a New Audio Amplifier IC

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student Miles Head spent his internship in the company’s Mobile Business Unit. He validated a new audio amplifier IC that will make it easier for design engineers to integrate rich audio into portable designs. When he’s not hitting the engineering books, Head plays guitar in a band, so working on an audio product was the perfect fit. “It’s been a really cool experience to work with a team. I’m doing real validation work, and they trust me to do it,” Head noted.

Miles Head

Temperature and Current Loop Linearity Testing

Allen Wrappe, an electrical engineering student at San Jose State University, did the work of an applications engineer, testing parameters such as temperature and linearity of current loop across voltages on a current loop transmitter. Wrappe also evaluated and edited a reference board for the Industrial Communications team, noting that the internship was a good opportunity for practical experience that complemented more theoretical classroom lessons.

Allen Wrappe

Enhancing Knowledge Sharing

Vanessa Pham Nguyen is a student at San Jose State University, a pianist for the Diocese of San Jose, and owner of Phamtastic Slimes, a business selling slimes for kids. Still, she found time to intern for the applications team in Maxim’s IT department this summer. Among her projects: documenting the IT infrastructure to enable knowledge sharing and updating dozens of Windows 7 users to the latest operating system. “It was a great experience,” she said, noting that she felt like a part of a supportive and helpful community.

Vanessa Pham Nguyen

Simulating Active Noise Cancellation

For Zhongran Carren Wang, interning with Maxim’s Mobile Audio team gave her first-hand experience in simulating active noise cancellation (ANC). She’ll also head back to UC San Diego with a better understanding of how the algorithms that make ANC possible function after having worked on an ANC filter tuning tool.

Zhongran Carren Wang

Affirming the Accuracy of Health Sensors

Asvin Peiris is working on his master’s in computer engineering at San Jose State University. This summer, he got a deep dive into how smartwatches can monitor heart rate via an LED and a photodiode. Interning with the Advanced Sensors team in the company’s Industrial and Healthcare Business Unit, Peiris validated the accuracy of the MAX-HEALTH-BAND wrist-worn heart-rate and activity monitor evaluation and development platform and the MAX-ECG-MONITOR wearable ECG and heart monitor evaluation and development platform.

Asvin Peiris

From Customer Meetings to Market Research

An economics major at Colgate University, Abdel Sanogo had quite a diverse internship experience. He began the summer working in technical sales, where he attended customer meetings and took part in discussions about product roadmaps and design requirements. Then he rotated through a few business units, experiencing the role of a business manager. He conducted market research, completed price comparisons, and even wrote a training video script for a new part. “This is a place where there’s so many different things you can do. It’s been very beneficial for understanding what I want to do after college,” Sanogo said.

Abdel Sanogo