Maxim Highlights Auto, Wearable Healthcare Tech at CES

Maxim Highlights Auto, Wearable Healthcare Tech at CES

Last year’s conference broke records, drawing more than 177,000 attendees from around the world to 2.47 million net square feet of exhibit space. Taking place from January 5-8 in the new year, CES will feature keynotes from NVIDIA, Huawei, Nissan Motor Corp., and Qualcomm, among many others. While the show floor is the space that tends to draw the oohs and ahhs, many companies—including Maxim—demonstrate their innovations in customer meeting rooms.If recent trends are any indication, International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas promises to be a showcase for more eye-popping applications of wearable, sensor, robotic, virtual/augmented reality, automotive, mobile, and audio/visual technologies.

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In its preview of CES 2017, Techradar expects (and hopes) to see:

  • Plenty of big-screen TV tech like OLED screens, high dynamic range (HDR), 4K Ultra-HD, and, perhaps, 8K and beyond displays
  • Splashy cars, including the first production electric vehicle from Faraday Future
  • More virtual reality content
  • Following the lead of the Apple iPhone 7, more smartphones that are waterproof and without headphone jacks
  • Ultra-light and thin laptops and perhaps even innovations tapping into virtual reality

Demos Highlighting Maxim Technologies

Maxim has a host of demos planned in its private meeting rooms at The Venetian to showcase application areas including automotive, sensors, audio, and mobility power. In automotive, technologies are advancing rapidly as car makers continue developing autonomous driving capabilities. Through its demos and discussions, Maxim plans to highlight its automotive expertise in areas including power and battery management, high-speed signaling, sensors, and wireless communications. Another key area for Maxim at the show is wearable healthcare. By enabling the collection, analysis, and sharing of large volumes of health data, wearable technologies are equipping healthcare providers to more closely monitor their patients and giving patients/consumers more immediate access to treatments. Maxim offers complete wearable health solutions that bring together high-accuracy measurement, secure data handling, robust connectivity, low-power operation, and small solution sizes for next-generation wearable devices.

Maxim has shipped more than one billion automotive ICs.

Register for CES

If you haven’t registered yet, you can sign up online to attend CES, which takes place across three different locations: Tech East (Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center), Tech West (various hotels), and Tech South (various hotels).