This month, we're experimenting with a new #EZtopten format by not only sharing our typical top ten content, but also a new tips section and a few new groups that you should know about!

As we approach the end of the summer in the northern hemisphere, we're going to start sharing an #EZtipofthemonth to help us ease into the "back to school" months. Sharpen your pencils and get out a fresh notebook, because you may want to start writing these tips down!

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We want to help you find the content that is important to you. This month, we'll start by sharing a couple of search tips that will help you pinpoint the subject matter that will ultimately help you with your project. 

Did you know that you can use field queries to find a specific question or topic in EngineerZone? Find what you're looking for quickly and easily with this search tip: First, you will need to target a field for searching. For example, you can type "title:LTspice simulation" to pull up results that contain the term "LTspice simulation" in the title. When a field query is used, you can take it a step further by using Boolean operators. If you are looking for a specific question about an LTspice simulation that involves LTC3440, you can search for "title:LTspice AND LTC3440" in the search bar and then find the Q&A immediately. 

 Don't forget you can always type at least three characters and an asterisk to cast a wider net of search. For example, if you search for program* it will match content containing the words, program, programming, programmer, etc.

What's New?

Now let’s dig into some of our new content that is topping the charts. 's blog about Software Reliability Principles and Practices has garnered over 400 views in the past month. Tom has gained quite a following on LinkedIn; you can view and engage with him on his LinkedIn post here.

Top 5 Forums

Our most active groups by activity:

  1. Power By Linear 
  2. RF and Microwave 
  3. Linux Software Drivers 
  4. Precision ADCs 
  5. FPGA Reference Designs

 Also worth noting, based on our top 10 most active groups list, LTspice group is attracting attention from LTspice enthusiasts all over the world. This recently redesigned group is open to LTspice users and enthusiasts to ask questions, collaborate, and share insights.

Top 5 Solutions

One of the major benefits of the community is the wisdom in verified answers. Check out these answered questions…

  1. End of Life for Blackfin Linux
  2. ADRV9009- unwanted LO frequency leakage
  3. Communicating to the ADF4356
  4. ADRV9002 - RSSI with the RX used for DPD - quick shout-out to  for answering this top-viewed question in a timely matter!
  5. ADIsimFrequencyPlanner

If you're an RF and Microwave engineer, you won't want to miss this question about ADF4354 that is climbing to the top of the charts. Also, check out the solution to ADIsimFrequencyPlanner, as it is another question that is recently attracting attention.

Did you miss last month's webinar?

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Upcoming Webinars

  9/2/21 Smoke Detection System Solutions in a Bottle Cap

Smoke detection continues to be an important topic. Listen in to learn more about how to design better smoke detectors and save more lives! Have a burning question to ask our presenters? Ask it here.

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