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Inside the Mind of an Engineer, Lifelong Science Nerd, and Blogger

Welcome back to another Get-to-Know-You Session on EngineerZone, offering you the opportunity to meet vibrant community members who contribute to making EngineerZone an engaging and dynamic space. In case you missed our previous session with   David Thibodeau, you can catch up here.

In a recent interview with  Mark Thoren, a blogger, an engineer, and a “lifelong science nerd," I learned some interesting facts like his love for lab exercises. You’ll learn more about him through a series of interesting questions and a rapid-fire round.

What’s in a Job Title?

Job titles play a big part in outlining our duties at work, right? So, I was curious about Mark's role and work. He shared what his official job title is on paper and discussed his journey from where he started to where he is now. Want to know more? Join in the conversation by checking out the video clip below.


Demystify a Common Myth

Are there any misconceptions about your job or field of expertise? Mark explores various myths surrounding his expertise and challenges the perception that engineering work can be seen as boring. To watch how Mark addresses these myths watch the video clip below.



It’s Not About the Job but the Love of the Job!

Do you love your job? It’s a question we often get asked. There are many ways to answer that question because it depends on the type of responsibilities one has. Mark’s love for what he does started when he was young. To know why he loves his job play the short video clip below.



Job Joys and Jolts

Guessing by the subheading you may be wondering what question Mark asked. I asked him about his favorite and least favorite part about his job. He nailed it when he said Field Application Engineer Training (FAE). Curious? Learn much more by watching the video clip below.


Book Recommendations

Mark loves books on fiction and electronics. One book of fiction is 1984 by George Orwell. And a book on his love of electronics, which he used for an interview, spoiler alert is The Art of Electronics (second edition) by Horowitz and Hill. Did he get the job? ThinkingFind out more and watch the video clip below.

One Meal for the Rest of Your Life!

We all love food, and it is a hot topic. So, if you were asked what one meal you would eat for the rest of your life. How would you answer that question? Would you be strategic or random? Guess what? Mark’s answer was strategic. I’m sure you guessed it. To know how he answered it watch and learn, by playing the clip below.


What Don’t You Know?

What is one thing that you don’t know about Mark? He decided that standing in the snow in February freezing while measuring trees was not his cup of tea…why? Find out the whole story by playing the video clip below.


A Place to Live

Finally, a tough question for Mark. I asked him if he could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Get to find out more by watching the video clip below.

 A Favorite Quote

Having a quote that correlates to your work is brilliant and motivating. Quotes inspire us to do great work. Mark’s favorite quote is personal because he attributes it to his professor, advisor, and mentor. Without giving it away and to learn how it relates to his work play the video clip below.


 TV Binge

What is the last television show you binge-watched? It’s an exciting question for avid TV watchers. There are several intriguing series to watch nowadays. Can you guess what Mark shared? If you correctly guessed kudos to you! Let’s find out by watching this video clip below.


Rapid Fire Round

The interview concluded with several rapid-fire questions. Find out Mark's answers in this round by playing the video clip below.


Thank you for watching and I hope you have gotten to know Mark a lot more in these short video clips. So, to watch the unfiltered version (with extra details of our conversation) you can find it in the Video Annex here. Until next time, see you in the next one!


The German word: Eierlegende Wollmilchsau - “egg-laying wool-milk-sow”. See the description here

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