Inside EZ: September

Inside EZ: September

As summer is winding down and coming to an end, it is also the end of our Summer Champion program. Fall brings about change. #TeamEZ is working on a fresh look and more ways to interact. Keep reading for a peek behind the curtain.

But first, let's take a moment to shout out our five EZ Heroes.

  @iandal, @ron.p, @KSMendoza@erbe@Jellenie 

Thank you for your continued support in EZ!

These five ADI employees earned the three verified answer badges, which means they verified 30 answers and contributed a great deal in a short time period. The Summer Champion program helped drive faster response times and encourage more member to member interaction. 

EZ Refresh

Take a quick peek behind the curtain. EngineerZone will get an updated look and feel soon! We've listened to member feedback and gleaned insights from analytics tools with a focus on enhancing member experience. We have been working towards improving the community with new features, which we will share in the coming months.

Coming soon with the refresh: The Logic Lounge group. The Logic Lounge will feature quizzes, discussions, and more! Get a glimpse into what the quizzes will look like and give us some feedback. We will share more as it develops.

For now, please participate in a quick quiz. We would love to hear from you!