Inside EZ's New Features

Inside EZ's New Features

We're excited to introduce new features in EngineerZone! We will highlight a couple of the new enhancements below and we hope you enjoy them. Don't forget to give us your feedback at the end of this blog!

Featured EZ Places.

Get to groups more easily. Test your knowledge in the Logic Lounge, view new groups, watch the latest webinar, and know where you need to go to get Maxim product support. Scroll down and find the latest activity in the EZ Community. You’ll find the latest blog posts, which now have a new look and feel.


Logic Lounge

Test Your Knowledge in the Logic Lounge! Take one of KCC’s Featured Quizzes, such as Multiple Sockets. What is the maximum number of devices that can be supplied at the same time? Take the quiz to find out!

Climb the leaderboard and see your competition!


Open Questions. Can You Help?

On a forum page, you now have an opportunity to share your knowledge and help other members. Go to Open Questions. Can you help? and offer your feedback or advice on other member’s questions.

 My Questions

Easily find questions you've asked in the forum in the "My Questions" widget.


Eye-catching Profile Page

Learn more about the new look here: EZ Profile: How to View & Edit. 

New Navigation

The navigation provides a more streamlined experience, so you can get to the most active forums, including Products, Applications, and Design Center groups. Click on View All to see all full list of All EZ Groups:


Ask a Related Question.

We encourage you to ask a related question instead of replying to a question with a verified answer. 


Asking a related question links the two related questions together and helps to ensure the forum managers do not miss your question.


Check out the new look in EZ Blogs!

 See the Featured stories and the 12 story display. Do you want to suggest a new topic for the blog? Ask a question in How to Use EngineerZone.


We hope you enjoy the new EZ! We'd love some feedback in this quick questionnaire. We'd love 5 stars, but we also want to know if you have any feedback!