Welcome back to our Inside EZ blog. This month I will be highlighting some of our new improvements, recent blogs, as well as a short interview with one of our newest EZ Super Users.

Meet Our EZ Members

 Meet our newest Super User,   Over the past four years, he has shared learnings and experiences in the SigmaDSP Processors and SigmaStudio Development Tool group. You can find him in the group helping answer other member's questions, suggesting resources, and discovering new capabilities. Learn a little bit about him in the short interview below.

Why do you use the EngineerZone community?

At first, I didn't have any knowledge about digital audio processing engineering, so that's why I decided to be part of the  SigmaDSP Processors and SigmaStudio Development Tool  community.

I found that viewing posts of other members and their answers increases my knowledge, as well as new ideas for new projects often come up. Whenever possible, I try to give back by helping the other members, answering their questions, on subjects that I have the knowledge and can contribute.

Upon joining the EngineerZone community, I realized that I wanted to share my knowledge with other members. In order to transmit the programming made in Sigma Studio to the DSP, as well as using it with microprocessors, I decided to create a project, which allows the programming via WiFi, as well as helping by displaying detailed logs of transmissions, facilitating development by other developers.

How has the community helped you with a recent project?

Recently, the help of ADI employee   was of great value. His objective answer contributed to the right choice of the type of output filter to be used, the result was as expected. The conversation can be viewed here: Adau1701 dac output passive vs active.  

Can you share a little bit more about how you've creatively used the technology?

I used the DSP technology to create a sound system for my house, which allows the use of any of the multiple existing environments, that is, each speaker box is active, has an amplifier, which enabled excellent control through smartphone applications and also superior sound quality.

I also used the technology to create larger powered speakers, which use the same technologies I used in the smaller speakers in the house, which I use when I have friends over, including musicians, so we can have a music show in my private space.

This was the reason I delved into thei project I shared with the community,  [SHARING] TCPi Interface for Sigma Studio, using ESP8266 or ESP32 to be able to send the programming to the DSPs wirelessly, as they are installed inside the boxes, making direct access impossible or difficult, as well as the amount is large, it would take a long time to update each one.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Electronic engineering is my hobby. I appreciate good music and audio with excellent quality and technology. Most of the time, the market doesn't have a product that specifically meets my needs, so I create it myself.

I appreciate scenic lighting, often used in nightclubs and shows, such as DMX/ARTNET, because I can create exclusive scenes for my favorite songs, and then I can listen to them and enjoy the effect of the lights on weekends with my family and friends.

Thank you,  for sharing with us!

EZ Improvements

Words Matter

In case you missed it, we recently posted a blog about a new enhancement in EngineerZone. This video will show you how you can edit your post and select from alternative terms mentioned in the ADI: Words Matter help article. Please see Words Matter in EngineerZone for more information.  

New Ask a Question Form

You may have noticed a new Ask a Question form in our Product, Applications, and Design Center forums! The new Ask a Question form captures important information, such as Product Number, Software Version, and more. Please fill in all fields and provide as much information as possible to help get your question answered as soon as possible. When you provide information upfront, you increase the chance of getting your question answered more quickly and efficiently. See How to Ask a Question in the Product, Application, and Design Center Forums  for a quick how to!

Recent Blogs & Conversations

These recent blogs in Precision Technology Signal Chains are gaining traction in the community. If you need help with your wide bandwidth signal chains, view ADI's full suite of precision tools to design, analyze, and simulate your precision signal chain. As mentioned in the blog, the Precision ADC Driver Tool to help you in designing signal conditioning circuits much faster. 



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