Inside EZ: July

Inside EZ: July

Are You the Next EZ Summer Champion? 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to become an EZ Summer Champion, win awards, and a gift card!

We've extended the program until August 12th to give participants an opportunity to win big! Help each other in the community by responding to technical questions and giving your best advice and support. 

Why Participate? 

EZ members that help answer other members questions builds credibility, trust, and boosts their professional reputation in the community. Share your knowledge with the community and help others with their toughest challenges. Answering questions and sharing your expertise will not only help support the member, but it will help boost your reputation within the community. 

Earning points and achievements show your commitment to sharing excellence within the community.


Updating your profile with a unique avatar, asking questions/getting answers, connecting with others, and helping solve their challenges (become a Helping Hand!) are important elements of the community. EZ helps enable these behaviors and encourages members and ADI employees to help one another and provide guidance and support.

Build your influence and add value to the community. Remember the more you give, the more you will receive! Today, we're recognizing the members that are close to earning the Super Genius badge (30 verified answers!) and close to earning the EZ Hero achievement.

As a logged-in member, you can go to other members' profile pages to view their points and achievements. Click on the number of points and view their most recent actions within the community.

How do you stack up compared to the competition? Some of our members are getting close to earning the Super Genius achievement! Get a sneak peak of what that looks like here:

Let's hear from one of the active participants,

Good luck to all participants! Remember, you have until August 12th to continue earning. Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask a question in the comments section below.

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