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How to Deliver Trust and the Edge of the Edge while Navigating New Cybersecurity Regulations

The annual International Conference on the EU Cyber Acts takes place in Brussels this year from March 11-13 where leaders from key industries and government agencies join the global community to discuss challenges to the evolving cybersecurity landscape. New this year is a dedicated day focusing on the EU Cyber Security Resilience Act that will impact all digital service providers with a new mandatory framework.  

Why attend? With far-reaching EU requirements, the global information communication and technology (ICT) product community is proactively preparing for the coming evolution of risk-based frameworks that will address market fragmentation across borders. This conference truly brings together the community dedicated and committed to working together.  The conference in its sixth year offers over 8 tracks that address popular topics such as IoT challenges, public policy, cloud & GDPR frameworks, standards for success, and more. As you explore the conference agenda, be sure to add this session presented by ADI experts to your schedule:

Delivering Trust at the Edge of the Edge

March 12 at 3:30pm CET

Join Debra Delise (VP of Security Business Unit) and
 Stephane Di Vito (Senior Director & Lead Security Architect for Trusted Edge Solutions) as they provide direct insight into the implications that elevating cybersecurity posture has for IC suppliers.

Hear about the systemic journey they followed to enable regulatory compliance in addition to creating a certification path for customers, and more. Join them for this session, get answers to your questions, and find best practices that you can use to deliver
trust at the edge of the edge.
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 In addition to attending sessions, it’s just as important to exchange knowledge and find ways to address cybersecurity challenges together. Find Debra and Stephane on-site to connect and collaborate. It’s going to be a full event! Don’t miss the opportunity to prepare for what’s to come together with the global standards community, industry experts, and ADI.  

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