Embedded Security ICs Safeguard PCs and Payments

Embedded Security ICs Safeguard PCs and Payments

Two companies in different parts of the world, both committed to protecting privacy, one for PC users and the other for point-of-sales (POS) financial transactions. Ultimately, both companies chose secure microcontrollers to safeguard their designs.

A recent blog post from ARM cites a survey revealing that most companies don't want to invest too much in security. Yet, the flow of cybercrime-related headlines, from credit card breaches at big-box retailers to this spring’s WannaCry ransomware attack, hasn’t shown signs of slowing down. Many businesses have a misconception that implementing security takes a lot of time and money. But as two Maxim customers—Design SHIFT and Beijing Weipass Panorama—have demonstrated, these misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth.

A digital security and consumer product engineering company headquartered in Menlo Park, California, Design SHIFT has created the ORWL secure desktop PC. ORWL provides a key and a password for authentication and also guards against physical attacks. When the company was designing its PC, it looked for robust hardware-based security that would be easy to integrate into its design. Design SHIFT found its answer in Maxim's MAX32550 DeepCoverRegistered ARMRegistered CortexRegistered-Cortex M-3 flash microcontroller. The secure IC provides a cryptographic engine, true random number generator, and environmental and tamper detection circuitry.

"Security is a lot easier with Maxim," said the company's CEO, Olivier Boireau. Read more about how Design SHIFT created its secure PC using embedded security technology.

Design SHIFT has safeguarded its ORWL PC with Maxim’s DeepCover technology.

Beijing Weipass Panorama created and defined China's first full-touchscreen financial POS, the WPOS-3 platform. The company needs to enable safe financial transactions on an open internet-based business platform. Finding a solution that would meet the company's power, performance, and small footprint requirements was also essential. Beijing Weipass Panorama also found its answer in Maxim’s DeepCover family, in its case the MAX32555 DeepCover secure ARM Cortex-M3 flash microcontroller. The part is the industry's first secure microcontroller for mPOS featuring secure boot loader with public key authentication.

"(Maxim is) a top player in the security chip solution market, already certified by PCI (Payment Card Industry," noted Marco Ma, co-founder, vice president, and chief engineer at the company. "Using the MAX32555 provides a strong safety guarantee for us." Read more about how Beijing Weipass Panorama is making safer customer payments, membership programs, and coupon redemption using embedded security technology.