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Customize Your EZ Experience

Do you want more personalized content? Updating the Market/Interests in your profile helps you find content based on your field of work and passions. Discover relevant webinars and groups that are informative and insightful on the subjects that matter to you.  

Stay up-to-date with content and industry trends by telling us what you're interested in. Webinars and groups are just the start. Over the next several months we will be expanding this to include blogs and FAQs. 

What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?

If you fill out this section in your profile, not only will you discover relevant webinars and groups that you’re interested in, but also you will earn the My Interests badge and 100 points! 

How-to Steps:

1. First go to your Profile, by clicking on your avatar image on the top right of the screen


 Profile screenshot

2. Select My Profile

 My profile screenshot

3. Click Edit Profile

 Edit profile screenshot

4. Click on the markets/interests that you’re interested in. For this example, we chose RF Solutions and Communications.  

 Markets and interests screenshot

4. Scroll up and click Save.

5. When your interests are selected, the page refreshes to show related webinars based on your interests. 

  Interests screenshot

Sit back and enjoy your favorite beverage, while you watch the latest webinars to learn from the experts at ADI. Stay updated on the latest innovations from Analog Devices, and update your markets and interests today!