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Behind the Scenes of DIYRadio Blogs: An Introduction

Who is behind our new blog series DIYRadio? What is DIYRadio? I’m glad you asked.  Jon Kraft! Jon Kraft has been blogging about phased array beamformers on EZ Spotlight since February 2023.

Jon is a Field Applications Engineer (FAE) who has been doing “how to” videos for customers on phased array communications and radar systems. You may be familiar with his work on YouTube where he has a few thousand subscribers. I had a video chat about his work and what he does outside of work.

I asked Jon several questions to help you get to know the man behind the scenes of DIYRadio blogs and the purpose and passion behind it.

Who is Jon?

I asked Jon to share about his work and what he does at Analog Devices.


Let’s watch and listen…

 Quote I'm a field applications engineer

How he became an FAE?

Let’s learn about his journey to becoming a Field Applications Engineer. Where did it all start? Jon shares about ADI products, his role in helping customers, and how it wasn’t in his background to become an FAE.  

Curious to learn more? Let’s watch the rest of the video clip…

 A quote always be learning the things that are of the most interest to your customers

Why Jon started a YouTube Channel?

Jon shares why he started a YouTube channel and how the channel grew to become part of the DIYRadio blogs on EngineerZone. Prior to Covid, he would drive to see his customers and work with them on whatever issues they had, so when Covid happened in 2020… He shares more in this video clip.

Jon's Experience Starting YouTube

How do you start a YouTube channel? What was Jon’s experience?  He started it to help others and found something he enjoyed doing. Jon shares some of his tips in a short video clip

Let's have Fun

What does Jon do when he isn’t working on beamformers and helping customers? Curious? I was pleasantly surprised when he shared one of his activities outside of work. He uses video to capture some amazing moments in nature. He has remote trail cameras in the mountains of Colorado and has been watching a bear and her cubs.  Jon shares more in this short video clip…

Let’s explore the bear and her cubs...

The Ending

To conclude our getting-to-know-you session with Jon, I asked him some rapid-fire questions. Take a moment to hear his answers…

Have you gotten to know Jon a little bit better? Now you know behind-the-scenes of DIYRadio blogs and if it’s piqued your curiosity, you can "Turn blog notifications on" button to get alerts of the latest blog post. To watch the unfiltered version visit our Video Annex here. Watch the next get-to-know-you session here!