We're going back to school with another EZ tip of the month. This month's tip is related to inserting photos and files into your question and forum replies.

Ever heard of the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words?" An image may help convey your question more quickly and effectively than the written word. When you are asking a question, we encourage you to include schematics, screenshots, and other images or files that may be helpful to get your question answered as quickly as possible.

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Did you know that you can now insert .dspproject files? Those of you in the SigmaStudio forum may be happy to hear this. 

Is there a file type that is currently not supported in EZ that you use for your projects? We can add more supported file types so you can simply drag and drop your file into your reply.

As you may already know, files can be inserted via the Insert > Insert image/video/file menu option, by dragging the file onto the editor, or by copying the file and pasting it into the editor. You can also copy/paste images, but please note that copy/paste is subject to your browser's default interpretation of the content being copied and may not work for all file types.

What's New?

Time to share a couple of new blogs that are topping the charts.

Our new Security Solutions blog series are among the most viewed blog posts last month.

Have you read it yet? Check out Blockchain: Behind the Hype and Blockchain: Uses Cases.

Top 5 Forums

Our most active groups by activity:

  1. Power By Linear 
  2. RF and Microwave 
  3. Precision ADCs 
  4. Linux Software Drivers
  5. FPGA Reference Design

In Power by Linear, there were an impressive amount of questions asked. Over 150 questions were created and 300 replies.

Top 5 Solutions

These recent solutions were provided in the past month. See what you may have missed...

  1. ADRV9009 MCS
  2. Disable CRC AD5758
  3. ADPD144RI - SPO2 data read EXAMPLE
  4. How to change the profile for device axi-adrv9002-rx2-lpc
  5. Error config profile for ADRV9001 with Duplex: FDD, SSI Type: LVDS, Dataport Sample Rate: 80kSPS

Two of our top solutions in the past month came from our Linux Software Drivers group

Did you miss last month's webinar?

  9/2/21 Smoke Detection System Solutions in a Bottle Cap

We will see you next month! As always, please make sure that you're subscribed to the EngineerZone Spotlight blog, so that you don't miss the latest blog post and updates.