Audio Plus Vibration Technologies for Immersive Experience

Audio Plus Vibration Technologies for Immersive Experience

When you merge vibration technology with audio, you can deliver an immersive experience that changes the way people think about and react to sound. According to Flexound Systems, adding vibration to music can further reduce stress and enhance a listener’s emotional state.

Based in Espoo, Finland, Flexound Systems is behind the Flexound Xperience module, which brings audio plus vibration technology to cushions, movie seats, gaming chairs, and more. The modular component is licensable to other companies who want to add a new dimension to the listening experience. The technology is also available in Flexound’s HUMU Smart Cushion.

To create the Flexound Xperience module, the company needed a reliable, high-performance audio amplifier. The company found its answer in Maxim's MAX98357A audio amplifier. The MAX98357A is a digital pulse-code modulation (PCM) input Class D power amplifier providing Class AB audio performance with Class D efficiency. It supports I2S and 8-channel time-division multiplexed (TDM) data.

The Flexound team shared their experience designing their Flexound Xperience module with Maxim, detailing how they overcame their design challenges. Read the Flexound Systems story

Flexound immersive audio technology can be integrated into gaming chairs to augment the user experience with another dimension.