Are Your Power Supplies Doing the Job?

Are Your Power Supplies Doing the Job?

It was inevitable, but still a little sad to officially say goodbye to the iPodTm nano and iPod shuffle. I write this as I listen to tunes from my iPod nano, nestled in its slot on a Bose SoundDock—a self-contained audio system that will be on its way to the nearest e-waste disposal facility once either component goes out.

Such is the lifecycle of electronic devices – new products incorporate increasing levels of functionality, rendering their predecessors obsolete. At the same time, the newer versions also keep shrinking, creating some serious design challenges. Are your power supply designs keeping pace?

To help you in your efforts to achieve smaller, simpler, and cooler power designs, Maxim has teamed up with Bob Mammano, the father of the first switch-mode power supply, on a three-part online video series. While Mammano covers theoretical aspects, our tech experts will walk you through practical design implementations, including example designs.

Bob Mammano

In our Power System Design Seminar, you’ll learn more about:

  • Designing with 24V+ non-isolated DC-DC buck regulators
    • Switching regulators
    • Control algorithms in switching regulators
    • Synchronous switching regulators
    • Design of filter components
    • Layout considerations
  • Designing with 24+ isolated DC-DC power supplies
    • Eliminating optocouplers for isolated DC-DC designs
    • Practical design considerations for an iso-buck converter
  • Protecting your power system design
    • System protection principles
    • Specifications of protection ICs

The entire online seminar is broken up into multiple modules, so you can watch them all, or pick and choose the particular videos that you’re most interested in. Have a look. We certainly hope you’ll find the Power System Design Seminar worth your time.