Answering the Call to Help Maxim Integrated Customers Innovate in Our New World

Answering the Call to Help Maxim Integrated Customers Innovate in Our New World

As we all do our part to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, one quote stands out in my mind: "Change means discomfort—in stopping the old ways and doing things differently." This statement comes from Dr. John Kotter, a Harvard Business School professor and leading authority on leadership and change. And in the face of this pandemic, the sentiment rings true for many of us.

At Maxim Integrated, everything certainly changed with COVID-19. As sheltering in place became the new normal, we had to move many of our interactions online. Yet, face-to-face communication has been critical to our business. Thankfully, we've embraced a new way to work and to stay connected via video conferencing and messaging tools such as Microsoft Teams and Yammer. And we haven't skipped a beat since.

Maxim Integrated employees remain committed to helping our customers solve their toughest engineering problems, overcome their design challenges, and move forward with their projects. To that end, we've completed a number of initiatives:

  • We've launched a new homepage for our website designed to make it even easier and faster for you to find parts and technical resources.
  • We've established new virtual connections, from our 24/7 customer operations team to expanded online chat capabilities, virtual technical seminars, and online product trainings that strengthen our technical team's ability to help you.
  • We've prioritized our manufacturing capacity toward products used in medical equipment for diagnosing and treating COVID-19. We're inspired by how so many of our customers are stepping up their efforts to help in this crisis. We're also gearing up production of parts that are designed into other application areas that are in even greater demand in our new world, such as distance learning tools, 5G infrastructure, and hyperscale data centers.

Maxim Integrated's website has a new homepage, designed to make it even faster for you to find the technical resources.

Looking ahead, the pandemic has triggered uncertainties across many aspects of our lives. But one thing remains certain: Maxim Integrated's unwavering commitment to our customers. By ensuring that our teams continue to closely collaborate, build on their extensive knowledge, and enhance the technical resources shared with you, we'll keep pushing forward to empower your design innovation.