An Inside Look at 2022

An Inside Look at 2022

Happy New Year! 

2022 was an amazing year for EngineerZone. EngineerZone evolved and refreshed with a new look, enhancements, and a couple of new groups to get excited about. Have you checked out Community Improvements yet? Community Improvements is the best place for you to share your ideas and suggestions for the EngineerZone community. Let us know if there's something that would improve your experience and help you get to what is most important to you. You are welcome to check out ideas and upvote and comment. We will review every idea and track the status updates, so please be sure to come back often!

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Check out our 2022 highlights below.

Now let's get into the top 5 forums in December. 

Top 5 Forums in December

  1.  Power Management 
  2.  Precision ADCs 
  3.  RF and Microwave 
  4.  High-Speed ADCs 
  5.  Linux Software Drivers 

Top 5 Solutions in December

These recent solutions were among the top viewed last month. In December, there were over 245 solutions provided. Here are a couple of recent solutions that are gaining views:

  1. Reference circuit for 4_wire the impedance measurement using AD5934, range 50 to 250 ohm
  2. How should I use GNU Radio on the ADRV9009+ZCU102 hardware platform
  3. Building the example uC project for ADSP-SC589 EZ in CCES, warnings
  4. 1/f noise corner frequency
  5. LT1683 Available step up level

For the second year in a row, Power Management holds the top spot for the most verified answers. Close runner-ups are High-Speed ADCs, RF and Microwave, and Precision ADCs. 

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