ADI New Product Round-up: ADN4624, LTC3337,  ADSW4000 PeopleCount

ADI New Product Round-up: ADN4624, LTC3337, ADSW4000 PeopleCount

Welcome back to ADI's New Product Round-up. This blog shares a quick summary of products featured in press releases from the previous quarters, so you can stay well-informed on the latest technology from some of the best designers in the world. In this quarterly series, you can discover the parts that you need for your project, learn more about ADI's extensive list of product offerings, and find resources to stay connected in EngineerZone.

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Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) introduced the first in a new series of iCoupler® digital isolators that offers a total bandwidth of 10 Gigabits per second. The ADN4624 digital isolator provides four channels at 2.5Gbps, allowing data to transfer seamlessly in the electrical domain and enabling new system architectures in digital health, instrumentation, and smart industry. The new digital isolator streamlines design and easily integrates isolation for safety or data integrity. The ADN4624 is a compact solution that meets medical standards and reliably isolates high fidelity video and imaging links, precision analog front ends, and serial interconnects as an alternative to cumbersome and specialized fiber solutions.

Available resources:

 Download data sheet, order samples and evaluation boards here

  Connect on the Interface and Isolation forum

 Find application notes and technical articles about digital isolation from ADI:


The LTC3337 is a nanopower primary (non-rechargeable) cell State-of-Health (SoH) monitor with precision coulomb counter, designed to be placed in series with a primary battery with minimal associated series voltage drop. The patented infinite dynamic range coulomb counter tallies all accumulated battery discharge and stores it in an internal register accessible via an I2C interface. Quiescent current consumption is only 100nA, increasing battery run time.

Available resources:

 Download data sheet, order samples and evaluation boards here

 Connect on the Power Management 

The LTC3337 integrates additional SoH variable monitoring which measures and reports via I2C: battery voltage, battery impedance, and temperature. To accommodate a wide range of primary battery inputs, the peak input current limit is pin selectable from 5mA to 100mA. This enables the IC to present the battery with a load profile which allows it to deliver its maximum capacity, independent of the actual load. This is “battery friendly” and prolongs the lifetime of the cell. The LTC3337 is ideal for primary cell applications that require only occasional power such as applications in remote locations, electronic door locks, or glass break detectors. The device may also be used in rechargeable battery cell applications.

LTC3337 Key Features:

  • Battery Input Voltage Range: 1.8V to 5.5V
  • 100nA Quiescent Current
  • 8 Primary Battery Peak Input Current Limits:
    • 5mA/10mA/15mA/20mA/25mA/50mA/75mA/100mA
  • SoH Monitor for Primary Battery
    • Integrated Coulomb Counter (Q) Additional Monitors for Battery Voltage (V), Battery Impedance (Z), and Temperature (T)

ADI EagleEyeTm ADSW4000 PeopleCount 

The ADI EagleEyeTm ADSW4000 PeopleCount algorithm for people detection and count in indoor spaces such as meeting rooms or office cubicles. The ADSW4000 is the first in a series of application-level software algorithms forming part of the ADI EagleEye platform that includes a hardware subsystem based on ADI’s Blackfin® embedded digital signal processor (DSP) and a set of application-level software building blocks enabling users to quickly develop their own people counting system. The ADSW4000 algorithm provides system edge node analytics that unlock insights to improve space utilization, people safety through distance monitoring, and energy efficiency of spaces within intelligent buildings.

Available resources:

  Download the ADSW4000 data sheet and order the evaluation platform:

  Learn more about the benefits of ADI’s EagleEye platform: People Counting Technology Analog Devices or for more information contact:

 Ask questions on the Embedded Vision Sensing forum

ADSW4000 Key Features:

  • People counting algorithm for indoor areas, such as meeting rooms or office cubicles
    • Occupancy state
    • Location of person (x and y coordinates)
  • Zoned performance (multiple areas for larger coverage)
  • Edge processing
    • Metadata output over UART
    • No captured images are transmitted
  • Coverage area for optimal accuracy of 90%: 3 m radius
  • Maximum coverage area (accuracy of 80%): 5 m radius

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