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ADI Joins the Zephyr Project

Just in time for the Embedded Open Source Summit (get all the details here and find out why booth 13 should be first on your list), ADI is proud to announce our official support and commitment to the Zephyr Project. What it means is we aren’t just joining and watching, it means we are actively contributing from the governing board to the technical steering committee, and more.  

In talking to ADI’s Open Source Program Office Director, Stephen Kilbane, he provides insight as to why our Platinum membership is important.  

Embedded software is a key part of ADI's products, and open source plays a huge part in that, whether running on bare-metal, on an RTOS like Zephyr, or on a full embedded Linux platform. We want to help support the communities that ADI relies upon, which is why we're proud to sponsor events like this and to join projects like Zephyr." 

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Find all of the details in the recent Zephyr press release

Let's Meet at Zephyr Developer Summit 

Helping to support communities is key! As we put words into action, you can find ADI at the upcoming #ZephyrDevSummit (part of Embedded Open Source Summit) and the event is for developers that currently use or want to explore using Zephyr in embedded projects. You can attend virtually for $50 (US) from anywhere in the world or you can attend in-person, read more here.  

We hope to meet you in booth 13! You’ll find fun giveaways and an amazing team ready to talk more about ADI’s contributions to the Zephyr project as well as ADI being a great company for software developers. Explore the hands-on demos that showcase solutions that combine analog, digital, and software technologies into solutions and connect with the ADI team who is excited to meet you.