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ADI at Embedded Open Source Summit

Can’t wait to say Ahoj (which means hello in Czech and Slovak) because in just a few weeks the ADI team is heading to Embedded Open Source Summit 2023 (EOSS or #EmbeddedOSSummit) that takes place June 27-30 virtually and in-person in Prague. 

What is the event about? First of all, it is not just one event, it is multiple smaller conferences focused on open source embedded projects and developer communities. At EOSS 2023 you’ll find Embedded Linux Conference, Zephyr Developer Summit, Automotive Linux Summit & Embedded IOT Summit. All events together create an amazing week of opportunity for the community to connect, collaborate, discuss, and learn. It's the power of community, technology, and the opportunity to innovate together are just a few reasons why ADI has decided to sponsor the event. 

While it might be my first time at the event, it’s certainly not for the ADI team. As our team prepares to meet you, I’d like to introduce you to just a few team members that are experts in the field, excited to meet you and to discuss what you are working on. Find them on-site, ask them questions, and connect. Let’s begin with Michael Hennerich (Director of Software Development) as he answers the question – Why is Analog Devices (ADI) at EOSS? 
Michael replies, “The Linux Foundation's Open Source Summit with its Embedded Linux Conference, is always one of the best opportunities of the year to meet and greet other Linux kernel and wider core ecosystem developers to learn about and discuss recent and future technological topics. In person contact with individuals whom you typically interact with only on public mailing lists is very important. The socials around this event and in particular the all-attendee receptions are legendary and give you a great opportunity to get in contact.” He's absolutely right - visit us at booth 13! Not at the event? Please add your comments below and we'll connect.

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Meeting and connecting on developer topics is exactly why ADI’s Head of Developer Relations, Eric Thiel will be there. Eric mentions, “Developers have always been important to ADI and we want to know what you’d like to see from your perspective. What additional tools, resources, content types, and more would make developing with ADI the best experience?”  Find Eric on-site in booth 13 or online to connect and brainstorm.  

ADI Event Highlights 

It’s going to be a busy week! Visit us at booth 13 to: 

  • Get hands-on with 3 amazing demos that use Linux and Open Source. Come learn about 3D Time of Flight (ToF Camera), explore Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL) that links cameras and car displays, and see innovation first-hand with a 10-BASE-T1L demo that enables you to take advantage of Linux tools - even on older ethernet infrastructure. 
  • Talk to us about why ADI is a great place to work - especially for software developers. Curious about what we have to offer and want insight as to projects, ADI team culture, and opportunities? Ask away!
  • Bringing the fun! Find me onsite to connect on developer topics, grab a fun giveaway, and more.  

With an exciting event ahead, we can’t wait to meet you in person or online! Share, tag, and tweet with #EmbeddedOSSummit and @ADI_News.