5 Blog Posts You Don’t Want to Miss

5 Blog Posts You Don’t Want to Miss

It's been almost a year since Maxim launched our mgineer blog. During this time, we've shared with you technical insights, tips, and resources on topics ranging from automotive design to Industry 4.0, the internet of things (IoT), and design security. I thought this would be a good point to revisit some of our most popular posts, in case you missed them or would like to take another look at what readers have been enjoying.

Here are Maxim's top five mgineer blog posts so far:

1. How Machine Learning Can Speed Up Your Design Cycle: In February, I reported on a DesignCon keynote talk during which a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign professor discussed how machine learning can improve electronic design automation (EDA). Read what she had to say about how machine learning can overcome some of the limitations of modern EDA.  

2. Surprising Facts About the Cost to Operate Your Electric Car: Guest blogger Jim Harrison reveals some facts you may not be aware of when it comes to running an electric vehicle (EV). Many surprises for you?

Figure 1. The EE-SimTm DC-DC Converter Tool was revamped to enhance productivity for users of every level.

3. Why Hackers Can't Wait to Get Into Your New Car: You may have seen the video of white-hat hackers remotely breaking into a Jeep while it was on the highway. Dr. Charlie Miller, one of those hackers, talked about why design security for vehicles is so critical at last year's Arm TechCon.

4. Why Camera Interfaces are Critical to ADAS System Design: Jim Harrison looks into why Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL) SerDes technology is ideal for implementing autonomous driving capabilities. Even better than Ethernet, he argues.

5. What's Your Favorite IoT Platform? Vote Today! The contest that this blog post promoted is long over, but the popularity of this post matches up nicely with the popularity of our hSensor Platform, one of the contenders. (In case you didn't hear, the hSensor Platform, also known as MAXREFDES100#, was voted "Best for Health Sensors.")

The hSensor Platform is an integrated sensor platform that can be used to evaluate Maxim's medical and fitness solutions.

These are just the latest examples of what our readers have been enjoying on our mgineer blog. What are some other topics that you would like to see covered on our blog? Share your thoughts and suggestions with me at christine.young@maximintegrated.com.