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2021 proved to be a busy year. Check out our 2021 highlights below. 

Top 5 Forums in December

  1.  Power Management 
  2.  Precision ADCs 
  3.  Linux Software Drivers 
  4.  RF and Microwave 
  5.  FPGA Reference Designs 

Top 5 Solutions in December

These recent solutions were among the top viewed last month. In December, there were over 330 solutions provided. Here are a couple of recent solutions that are gaining views:

  1.  CN-0359 RTD coding 
  2.  LTC4015 not reading CHEM/CELLS correctly when started from battery 
  3.  AD9164 NCO only mode Output power level very low 
  4.  short between INTVCC and BST of LT8620 
  5.  AD9361 + ZC706 problem with spectre, and mb calibration 

Power by Linear holds the top spot for the most amount of verified answers.

Upcoming Webinars

  1/11/2022 Bullseye! Transforming the Precision Narrow Bandwidth Design Journey 

Bring your questions about the precision narrow bandwidth platform. Check out the  Precision Narrow Bandwidth Signal Chains group and ask your questions about the technology used to support these signal chains and tools. Build and optimize solutions for your most important parameters.

You can always hover over the link above and bookmark the webinar for later! Learn about the new Interactive Previews and @ Mentions functionality.

  1/25/2022 Spread the Word: This Is the Power of Silence 

Join the upcoming webcast to discover new audio solutions and noise reduction techniques. Register for the webcast on the webcast page!

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