Hear From Our EZ Winners!

Hear From Our EZ Winners!

We are pleased to announce the EngineerZone Outstanding Contribution and People's Choice winners!

Last week ADI hosted their annual, internal General Technical Conference (GTC) to showcase ADI engineering talent and innovation. GTC consists of technical presentations, keynotes, and workshops; another important facet of the conference is the awards. 

It takes a team to build and maintain a thriving community such as EngineerZone; creating new content, exhibiting best practices and engaging with other members daily are just a few of the keys for success. Each year the ADI community team recognizes ADI employees for their outstanding contributions to EngineerZone based on program support, project complexity, and quality content production. 

This years Outstanding Contribution Award winners are Alex Andrews for his contributions in the RF and Microwave forum, Laszlo Nagy for his work in the FPGA Reference Designs forum and Michael Hennerich for his work in the Linux Software Driver forum. Now let's learn a little but about our winners. 

Alex Andrews, RF and Microwave 

What has been your favorite project at ADI?

The release of the ADF41513 PLL sticks in my mind since that was the first product I carried to release. As an applications engineer, coming up to release time for a product can be tough due to the requirement to have the supporting material (Datasheet, User’s Guide, Eval Board) ready to go for the market launch. Learning the procedures for getting this material ready, and the knowledge I gained when putting my first datasheet together still stick with me several years later.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

My spare time is mostly spent playing electric guitar and video games. Other recent endeavors have included teaching myself film photography and field archery.

"EngineerZone is a great way for anyone – researchers, university students, and smaller companies to access support and information for ADI products. It’s also an excellent archival tool, if a problem gets solved it’s always up there for other users to find the answers. I also use it as a straightforward way to post and share supporting material or frequently asked questions for our products." -  

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Laszlo Nagy, FPGA Reference Designs 

What has been your favorite project at ADI?

AD9081 MxFE related projects, building support for single-MxFE or quad-MxFE, improving/developing the JESD204 framework.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Traveling and photography.

When do you think will be the next revolutionary idea in FPGA Reference Designs?

I think that the next revolutionary idea will be providing customers simulation models of ICs along with a co-simulation framework of FPGA code and software stack (Linux/no-Os) before getting the hardware into their hands, so they can develop their products faster.

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Michael Hennerich, Linux Software Drivers 

What has been your favorite project at ADI?

SDR, High-Speed converter and transceiver technology, and Linux.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

  • Sports such as Skiing, Hiking, Bicycling
  • Cooking and BBQ
  • HAM Radio
  • Travel

What do you think will be the next revolutionary idea in high-Speed converter and transceiver technology and Linux?

The jesd204-fsm kernel framework would be the big thing here. It’s codesigned for the ADI JESD204-IP framework. More information can be found here: JESD204 Interface FrameworkJESD204 (FSM) Interface Linux Kernel Framework.

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Congratulations to our People's Choice Winners!

This year we added an additional category; the People’s Choice award. Fil Balat and Jellenie Rodriguez were nominated by other forum managers and voted on by ADI employees. Nominations were based on excellent customer service, managing a high volume of threads, and exhibiting best practices in the community.

Learn a little bit about Fil Balat and his work in the Power Management forum.

Fil Balat, Power Management 

What has been your favorite project at ADI?
Working on reference applications solutions for automotive customers.

What are your hobbies outside of work? 

I play tennis. I serve my local community by doing volunteer work.

What do you think will be the next revolutionary idea in Power Management?
I believe it is around the corner. ADI is starting to work with Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology in switching transistors. ADI is working with GaN transistor vendors to create drivers for these components. It will mean smaller footprint power solutions, which will be beneficial for many applications systems including automotive. 

Jellenie Rodriquez, Precision ADCs 

Please congratulate Jellenie Rodriguez for her work with the Precision ADC team.

What has been your favorite project at ADI?

I enjoy customer support the most because I’d being exposed to different technical challenges or issues that help boost my expertise and support the customer.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love spending time with friends, family and my dogs. I love social parties and events, especially if I get a chance to have humorous and insightful conversation with a lot of different people. 

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The Precision ADC FAQs. 

"I have seen several times that a certain thread can be answered directly by our FAQs. There is a lot of useful information in FAQs that can speed up your learning for each topic/product/family, specifically the  Precision Signal Chain uModules Basicwill help aid customers related to the basic fundamentals of the different technologies." -  


PDF This Precision Technology Learning Module shows a basic overview of the applications and benefits of Precision Signal Chain μModules®. It includes comparisons regarding the level of integration,…
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Congrats to our GTC winners! Thank you for your excellent support on EngineerZone!