Using the ADIS16448 IMU in FRC LabVIEW

Note for 2018! This documentation is no longer up-to-date! Please see the GitHub page for more information. 

Getting the code.

First things first. In order to get the code, head over to GitHub (link) and clone/download the code. Be sure to check back often to download code updates! 

Installing the code.

Once your code is downloaded, extract the files if necessary and navigate to:


Copy the "ADIS16448 IMU" folder to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2016\vi.lib\Rock Robotics\WPI\ThirdParty\Sensors\

If LabVIEW is open, restart it to make the changes take effect. If the installation was performed correctly, you should be able to access the libraries like you would any other pallet. The code will be located in:

Integrating the IMU code should be as easy as setting up any other library! 

An example 2017 Mecanum project has been attached to this post. Let us know if you have any questions!


  • Hello Sameer,

    Sorry you're having trouble with LabVIEW! Unfortunately, this page is meant specifically to assist students with learning how to use the ADIS16448 in FIRST Robotics applications. I encourage you to post in our main support forum ( under the specific product group.


  • HI I am very new with LabVIEW and now in our project we have to integrate some microcontroller with LabVIEW platform

    We have done few projects using ADUC 832 and i was searching a lot if there is some why i can make this to communicate with  LabVIEW but unable to find any resource for this.

    We tried with NI also but they do not support any third party hardware and want us to use their own hardware which we don't want to use due to the size.

    Could you please guide how i can integrate ADUC 832 or any other microcontroller of Analogue with LAB view.

    I try to do what you have suggested in your blog however not able to find path as suggested by you in vi.lib . I am not able to find Rock Robotics.

    Please guide