NEW UPDATE! ADF5610 Customer Evaluation Software (v0.2.3)

The new update of customer evaluation software for ADF5610 now comes with a feature that enables the user to readback the device subband of a desired operating frequency. This is useful for manual writing subbands, for faster frequency hopping applications.

To perform a readback of subbands, follow these steps:

1) Ensure "autocal Disable" field is set to normal in the general controls tab.

2) Navigate to the RF Output Controls tab and set the desired F_VCO (MHz) value you wish to read its subband.

3) Return to the General Controls tab, Read Subband Register window is located at the bottom right hand corner. Click Read Subband button. This will return the Subband value for the set frequency in Decimal.

** Note: For manual mode, Disable the "Autocal Disable" field and write all register. Navigate to VCO Subsystems tab, input the Subband that was read back in autocalibration mode and write all register. Finally, set corresponding F_VCO to calculate INT & FRAC values and write all registers.