ADIS16448 IMU MXP Board for FIRST Robotics

Analog Devices is excited to introduce the ADIS16448 10 Degree-Of-Freedom IMU to FIRST Robotics.

This high-performance sensor is designed to provide robots with extremely accurate orientation sensing in robot navigation and other advanced robotics tasks. The ADIS16448 is a complete inertial system, integrating a triaxial gyroscope, a triaxial accelerometer, a triaxial magnetometer, and pressure sensor in a calibrated, compact, robust package. For FIRST Robotics, ADI has also designed an MXP breakout board to easily integrate this sensor into your team’s robot.

What is it?

The ADIS16448 FRC IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and MXP breakout board is a compact, precision ten degree of freedom inertial sensor that contains a three axis gyroscope, three axis accelerometer, three axis magnetometer, and a barometer.  All of this is packed into one small module!

What does it do?

The module senses acceleration and rotation on all axes, and senses its position relative to the magnetic poles of the earth.  With this data, it can help improve autonomous performance and provide advantages in tele-operated control. It’s the same board used in UAVs, surgical robots, and concussion monitors!

How do I use it?

Getting started with the module is as easy as plugging it into the MXP port! ADI engineers and the FIRST community have provided drivers on GitHub which allow robots to quickly access sensor data! Be sure to check the open source project often for updates! Installation and application videos along with sample code can be found online at:

More Information:


Product Specifications:

In Kickoff Kit?

No, FIRST Choice Only

Supply Voltage

3.3 V

Interface Port


Degrees of Freedom


Sensor Outputs

X,Y,Z, Gyro, Accel, Mag, and Baro

Maximum Rotation Rate

1000 deg/sec

Maximum Acceleration Rate

+/- 18 g

Maximum Magnetic Field

1.9 gauss

Maximum Pressure

1200 mbar

Communication Protocol

16-bit SPI

Languages Supported

LabVIEW, C++, Java

More information and code examples will be included as the build season progresses.