ADE9000 shield kit design

The EVAL-ADE9000-Shield kit (UG-1170) has a ADUM6404ARIZ IC (U2) with VDD1 = 5V and VISO = 5V. The bpard kit has two SN74LV4T125PWR ICs traslators: U3  from  3.3V signals to 5V signals, and U6 from 5V signals to 3.3 V signals. To a similar design with the ADE9000, can the ADUM6404ARIZ IC works directly with VDD1 = 3.3V and VISO = 3.3V to eliminate the SN74LV4T125PWR ICs traslators?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 16, 2018 3:04 PM


    you could but you system performances would decrease

    ADuM6404 pin 15 (VISO) - you need 5V because ADP122 will use this value to power ADE9000 with 3.3V. This choise is linked to ADUM high noise at VISO pin compared to ADP.

    As a direct consequence, SN74LV4T125 needed to be used.