Hello friends.
I need an IC RMS TO DC CONVERTER with some features that I can not see clearly in the datasheets (AD637, AD536, AD637 for example).
. Input signal:
- Not more than 1 vrms
- Various waveforms
- Up to 1MHZ is more than enough
- Best possible accuracy. Example: 100mvrms = 100mvdc.
I'm counting on your help.

  • Hi David,

    Thank you for using Analog Devices products.

    I have to transfer you to RMS to DC experts as they know more about this.

    Thank you very much.

    Hi : good day, I have here David as our customer, he wants to use RMS to DC products, Will you able to help him or relay him to the primary support of RMS to DC? Thank you very much



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 29, 2018 6:06 PM

    Thanks for the tag, FormerMember!

    Hi David!

    I am *actually* not Jim Staley, the signal conditioning applications engineering legend, I'm James Staley the industrial power systems guy. Confusing, I know... It was easy to tell us apart because Jim was way smarter - and better looking, too. Teehee! 

    However, perhaps I can offer some assistance anyways. Analog Devices has a very comprehensive portfolio of these products, now including the LTC1967 (40KHz BW)/LTC1968 (500KHz BW). They are true RMS converters and have world-class linearity. Do have a look at these products and tell me if they will meet your needs.

    Hope this helps, and thank you for choosing Analog Devices!

  • Thanks for answering me...
    The ic LTC1968 is good.

    After some research I saw that the AD8436 seems to suit me perfectly.
    I still have some doubts:
    - For safety, would it be necessary to stabilize the signal to be measured before applying VIN?
    For I am dealing with sensitive signals and must be faithful. Example:
    When applying 50mvrms to VIN, it drops to 45mvrms. This can not happen because it would not be true to my monitoring (even if I generate 45mvdc in OUT).
    If this happens I would have to check this signal somehow (I still do not know how).
    - I do not find this IC in Brazil.
    I was still testing and would like to know how to get 1 or 2 samples.
    Thank you.