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Category: Software
Product Number: ADE7880
Software Version: which registers we need to enable harmonics to read the harmonics registers like HXVRMS,HYIRMS,HXWATT,HXVA like HY,HZ similarly.

I working  on the ADE7880  Evaluation board. In this board  i need to read the harmonic registers which registers mentioned in datasheet those   we need to read for that  some registers i did the enabled 
1.CONFIG register   set to 0x0004

2. STATUS0 register set  to 0x00080000

3. harmonic registers like  HX ,HY  and HZ is set to 0x03,0x05,0x07 respectively.

4. HCONFIG register set to 0x0009 for phase A.

5.GAIN register set to 0x0000.

based on the datasheet pgno:66  -> Recommended Approach to Managing Harmonic Calculations

After that when I am reading the HXVRMS,HYVRMS and HZVRMS  I am getting the raw value is   29914,38280 and  33496 like this getting data.

and  VTHD and ITHD  also i am reading then i am getting the data is  80182, With out giving load getting data is 8388607.
I am using for measurement RISH MASTER 3430 here i am getting data VTHD,ITHD is 23.97 and i am giving the load is 100watt bulb then i am getting the data is 2.98

I think some where i did mistake. If anyone knows please let me know.