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Energy meter IC for Audio Amplifier output

Category: Hardware

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for energy metering IC that can suit my needs.

It will be used to measure the output of car audio amplifier(up to  20kW rms), It should be able to measure 10hz-1khz signal stable within 50-150ms.

I'm going to use esp32c3 as mcu

Any recommendations?


  • Hi, 

    It sounds possible but its certainly not the typical use case!

    The ADExxxx parts are specifically designed with line frequencies being of particular interest. Some specialized functions might not work if they're set up to look at the 40-70Hz range. 


  • Just one more comment. If you were to do this, I am thinking you will want Apparent power(VA). Apparent power has a longer setting time and may not meet your requirements. As Jason said they are not designed for this but, If you wanted to experiment, try the ADE7953 and a shunt. Watt Var and Va are available as powers. Watt and VAR will include any phase shift and as you sweep from 10Hz to 1000Hz. You will have phase shift V to I and this may not be what you are looking for. Or maybe it is.

    Your setting window may still be to tight but really depends on the accuracy required. We are used to 0.1% accuracy for our measurements.

    The line cycle accumulation will not work properly and possibly other measurements dependent of zero crosses. 

     The power registers should be ok in theory from 10hz to 1000Hz. Not tested your milage may vary.