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Measurement of IN current at ADE9430 ADC input is giving offset of 0.06 and if try to correct using set gain even is not working fine.

Category: Software
Product Number: ADE9430
Software Version: Release 1.2.0

Hello ADE Team,

I am facing an issue with ADE9430 about IN current measurement. ADC count was not linear all time at lower range of input current. the IC is giving an offset of 0.06 without any input. I have done IN calibration by setting the gain first time and write it to Flash and read back on restart or reset of controller; finds out that IN value is affected at higher range and fine at lower ranges but IN is not stable and sometimes Voltage readings are impact [voltage should not be affected].

Can anybody help me with this?


Nitin Rawal

clearing question statement for better understanding.
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