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voltage measurement issue

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADE7753

Hello, I am using the ADE7753 and connecting to the V2P and V2N pins as shown in the diagram below. When I powered it on, I heard a small pop sound, and my 0603 resistors R6 and R7 seem to have been damaged. Should I use a different type of resistor here?

  • When I plugged it in, my ADE7753 appears to be completely damaged

  • I did a similar design to yours.  For equivalent resistors for R1, R10, and R11, I used 1206 due to the larger gap spacing 1.6mm vs. 0603 at 0.9mm.  IPC-2221 suggests a min. conductor gap of 1.25mm at 150-170volts and 2.5mm at 300-500v.  Now talking Vp, if your line voltage is 240 Vrms, you would have approx. 170Vp drop across R1 and assuming the PCB footprint gap is slightly less than .9mm.  So using a 0603 with a conductor gap at less than .9mm would violate IPC-2221. Let say that R1 did gap, that would double the current in R6, but still this is only .5 milliamp, still within the rating 0.1 watt rating on the 0603.  So, it is still difficult to understand why you smoked those resistors. Did you check them with a meter for open.?

    schematic.JPG - OneDrive