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Crystal Value

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADE7953] recommended Crystal part# or on EVM, ADE7953


We are trying to find a similar crystal oscillator but having challenges in finding one with the exact capacitance value.

Can you please help answer below questions:

-  Can we use a 15 pF or 30pF capacitor?

- How the accuracy would be affected if the cap value is changed?

- Planning to use similar 3.579545 MHz ±25ppm crystal.

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  • The first 2 are OSC so they will work fine. The last one is a crystal with an ESR of 120ohms. This is fine for some load values not 30pf. The datasheet specs ESR 30min to 200ohm max. I have attached an XLS to compare the GM critical for the crystal we use to the one you suggest. You can use this with other crystals just enter the data in the xls.