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Soldering Temperature for ADE9000

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADE9000

My name is SK Lee. I'm in charge of DFAE in WT Korea, WT Korea is one of the disty in South Korea.

My customer is making a test board using ST's MCU and ADI's ADE9000.

However, when she soldered it using a hot air gun, ST's MCU worked, but only ADE9000 did not work. It seems like the temperature of the heater is a problem. Could you guide me the temperature specification during SMT work on the ADE9000?

for example, Reflow profiles (Pre heating, Melting, Peak, Cooling)

  • What is not working on the ade9000? Supply current high?

    Check the avdd,dvdd ,ref pins and psm pins. What are the voltages?

    Is the crystal working?

    I have reflowed the ade9000 many times and have had no issues. 

    Are any pins shorted? 

    Are any decoupling caps shorted could be a cap failure during reflow. This has happened a few times and caused the ADE9000 to look bad.