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To find the current ,watt and AVA in ade7880 using arduino uno

Category: Software
Product Number: ADE7880
Software Version: I implemented the code for to find the voltage,frequency,current,watt and AVA.

Right now i am working on the ADE7880  coordination with arduino uno  for interfacing  i used spi communication.I did the voltage and frequency  based on which register they mentioned in datasheet  i am getting the output also. But when  i am reading the current (AIRMS,BIRMS,CIRMS)and watt (AWATT,BWATT,CWATT) registers   i am getting rawvalue is same only even i am giving load also using PDU(power distribution unit)  and based on the calibration value we need to get the data.

  • Is the run bit set in the RUN register? 

    What is the state of the PSM0 and 1 pins? 


  • Thank you for your reply,

    Run register(0xE228)  i did bit is set to 1.

    and PSM0 is set to 1

    PSM1 is set to 0 then only  normal mode is activate.

    when i am reading the active power registers (0XE513,0XE514,0XE516) /(AWATT,BWATT,CWATT)  the raw data is same even i am giving the load through the PDU also.

    FOR EXAMPLE: reading register is AWATT  value is 257 decimal. after that i am giving the load is 100 watt and 200 watt , but i am getting the raw data is same only.

  • What are you writing to the registers after power up? 

    can you provide a schematic of your board and a connection diagram of your source and load? 


  • Thanks for your reply

    when i am reading the current  register by the default its giving,


    when i am giving the load like 100 watt 0r 200 watt ,the default value is decreasing like

    100 watt =1677098

    200 watt =16777012;

    my doubt is when we are giving the load the default value must be increase  and also i given absolute functon also.

    based on calibration value (constant->we can't change) only we need to get the watt.

    and also

    how to find the wthr, varthr, vathr  give any information  about this?