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ADE9153ASHIELDZ Shunt resister

Category: Datasheet/Specs

Hello all. I am looking to replace the shunt resistor on the ADE9153SHIELDZ board to measure higher current values.

The EV-ADE9153ASHIELDZ Schematic in the User Guide UG-1253 document indicates the use of the WSK12161L000FEA product. However, the purchased product is equipped with the WSL27261L000FEA.

Which series of shunt resistor should I use?

Thank you in advance

  • Hi,

    Due to supply constraints at the time, the shunt resistor was changed as you mention. For replacing the shunt on the ADE9153SHIELDZ board, the most important points are to make sure that the pads match the footprint of the shunt you choose, that the resistance of the shunt is appropriate for the current levels you plan to measure and that the power dissipation is acceptable for your system.

    Since your board came equipped with the WSL2726 series shunt, I would recommend not moving to the smaller shunt but like I said, the most critical piece is for the footprint to match and there will be other manufacturers who have a matching footprint that you could use.