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Crystal Part Number

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADE7880


In the ADE7880 datasheet recommends to use the Crystal part Number: VM6-1D11C12-TR-16.384MHZ. But now that is not available. So as in the datasheet says to go with the "maximum drive level 1 mW; maximum ESR 20 Ω; load capacitance 12 pF". We are not getting the crystal which will matches the spec with ESR 20Ohms & CL: 12pf. We had choose the some of the part numbers in below, so please check it out and let me know your comments.

1. LFXTAL012698Bulk

2. 9B-16.384MEEJ-B

Kind Regards,

Nishanth M

  • Hi Nishanth,

    The "Crystal Circuit" section of the ADE7880 provides guidance for selecting a crystal. 

    Pick a crystal with an ESR of 20ohms or less. The crystals above both have greater ESR.

    The capacitors shown in Figure 117 can be adjusted based on the load capacitance from the crystal datasheet.



  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the reply...

    We can use the ABLS-LR-16.384MHZ-T. it has ESR of 10Ohms. 

    Actually in the PCB we are using the ABL-16.384MZ-B2 crystal (ESR- 40 ohms). We are facing a problem, that DRDY pin is not working suddenly whenever the High Current 40A Motor Contactor turns ON and OFF. We will forcefully do the hardware & software reset & initialization to get DRDY pin working. So we are suspecting the crystal mismatch. So please suggest that the problem is in crystal or some other parts. We followed the PCB layout as per the datasheet. ADE will works good until the Contactor switch ON or OFF and the problems will come random, not all the times.  Help me out of this problem...


    Kind Regards,

    Nishanth M