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Steps to read IRMS, VRMS from ADE7880

Category: Software
Product Number: ADE7880


I use ADE7880 to read checksum register using SPI protocol. Now i want to read XIRMS, XVRMS (X=A, B, C) registers. May i know the steps or which registers to configure before reading XIRMS, XVRMS registers.

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  • You should only need to set the psm0 and 1 to the correct values(see datasheet) and write the run bit. Now you can read the rms registers.

    for a quick conversion    apply known voltages and currents. Do not exceed 353.5mv RMS to either adc at a gain of 1

    VRMS/lsb = know_voltage / rms register 

    IRMS /lsb = known_current / rms register